HUMANS DON’T STOP. We are positive, innovative, and always ready with a Plan B. These attributes of Humans, work in their complete throttle only when the question comes of survival.

This is exactly what happened when the Corona Pandemic hit us. It hit us hard, in a time when we were unprepared and when things were at their peak. It was in the real sense a Bathos for most of us.

The same reality came crashing down on the Parents of the differently abled and the Children themselves. To add to the worst was the never-ending lockdown.

A child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was expected not to go down and play. A child with Autism was confined in the four walls and a child with Sensory Processing Disorder was left with no option to modulate his sensory needs.

Suddenly the parents were helpless, confused, and overwhelmed. Their and their child’s life, like all of us, had come to a standstill. It looked like a dead end with no answers. 

This was the NEW NORMAL we all had to get use to…

Shaping Insight is standing strong in this hard time of new normal with each family and all the children who need help. Our online therapy is as fabulous as our offline one. With the given limitation of inventory and properties normally used for therapies, herein our innovativeness comes in rescue.

We have identified home equipments that we can easily find in every household. Using this given limited resources of materials we have devised a result-oriented structure which gives you the best of the results and helps you maintain the continuity of the Therapy till the time you come back to the centre.

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Shaping Insight is believed to be one of the best Therapy Centre in India in terms of its infrastructure and various services under one roof. It provides its services both online as well as offline. Shaping Insight is known for its Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Remedial Education and Psychological Counselling. Visit to know more.

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