Online Therapy


How are we going to handle our children the entire day?

How do I keep my child gainfully engaged in this lockdown?

Will my child regress if therapy does not continue?

Will all my efforts go waste?

These, and many such question came from our worried parents whose children were taking therapies with us.

Our team of expert professionals sprang into action and we came with a hugely different plan of Online therapies. We at Shaping Insight always think differently and more from the Parents perspective. We had a thoughtful insight about what the Parents really want and how do we solve their concerns.

Our Online therapies of Occupational, Speech, Behavioural, Remedial and Counselling focus on the following perspectives:

  • Handling strategies for behavioural meltdown: When the child displays a certain behaviour/attitude/tantrum at home, our therapist is right there to guide the parents through the said behaviour. This makes the parents more in control of the situation and having a better understanding of the problem.
  • Gainfully occupying the child using household equipment and material: Therapy does not limit itself only to expensive equipment. Sometimes the simplest of things that we use in our everyday chores can do wonders. Our therapists guide the parents in how to use a toy/property/tool/furniture in different and therapeutic ways.
  • Understanding the family dynamics: Family plays a crucial role in the overall development of a Child. The interactions between family members, their emotional attachment with one another, dependency on doing things, definition of roles, communication and expressive ways can bring about a high level of change within the Child. The therapist gets a good realization of all the above points with Online therapy which helps ease the required loopholes.
  • Parental education for awareness: ‘WHAT’ the Child is doing and ’WHY’ he/she is doing so is very well understood in online therapy. The Parents not only get educated about the child’s problem, but they also have a better hold on strategizing their behaviours. Parents actually see a change when they use approached told by the therapist.

Parents, we have your back. With an experience of more than 20 plus years in this field we can assure you with utmost certainty that we at Shaping Insight are only a call away.

We have been fortunate enough to help thousands of parents till date and with every passing day our zeal, passion and experience only keeps rising.

Call us on +91 9769376766 or visit to directly book your appointment.

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