It was around the early years of 2000 that the word AUTISM and HYPERACTIVITY came to clinical use among Psychiatrist and Psychologist in India. Who knew that this new millennium was going to bring about staggering changes in the increase in number of neurological and psychological conditions? Suddenly the word Mental Retardation was counted derogatory and there were new differentiations in terms of mental and physical conditions.

AUTISM was a new word, the causes of which, no one knew, the treatment plan was bleak and rapidly it was part of the young population. Do you know, Autism was not taught to Psychologists in Post Graduation nor did most Paediatricians knew about this disorder? Like most times, we turned to the West for their research and intervention. Their first case of Autism was diagnosed in 1933 and here we were in the year 2020 trying to deal with this evolving concern. Even though In India the first diagnosis was back in 1960’s, the onset of awareness and understanding was only in late 1990’s.

So, what is Autism? Who does the diagnosis? What assessments are used? What are the symptoms? Is there any medication? Is it a lifelong disorder? What is the treatment plan for Autism? What all therapies does one require? What is the best therapy for Autism?

All these questions were unanswered and most of them still are. What remains a fact for all of us to know is that Autism is a reality and is affecting most of our current and future generation. It is upon each one of us to take the ownership for its cause and its treatment as AUTISM IS HERE TO STAY.

Shaping Insight, has developed a full-fledged mechanism with the team of experts and developed a plan to deal with Autism in the best of the manner that one should. Right from Registration Intake process to Assessments, to Intervention and Therapy the experience that you would get will be a life changing solution for your loved ones.

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